Jennifer Schneider
Structural and Security Glazing Segment Manager

Kuraray America, Inc.
PVB Division

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  • Based on Ionoplast chemistry – no plasticisers.
  • 100 times stiffer and five times more tear resistant than PVB.
  • Laminates of SentryGlas® can bear higher loads than PVB laminates or equivelent loads using thinner glass enabling lower weight and cost.
  • Almost perfect transfer of load between the glass sheets.
  • High post-breakage strength over a broad range of temperatures and loads.
  • Excellent edge stability, with 20-year-old applications showing no edge defects.
  • High clarity – SentryGlas® has a yellowness index of 1.5 or lower, and does not increase significantly. Standard interlayers have yellowness index of between 6 and 12.
  • Does not require adhesives, other laminating aids or plasticisers, which could be a source of discoloration.
  • Sheet and roll stock do not require refrigerated storage and can be processed on existing units and production lines.
  • When used in combination with approved sealants, butt-joined glass elements with SentryGlas® interlayers show no discoloration or other forms of damage to their edges, even after years of weathering.
  • Excellent salt-spray/fog resistance – no defects exhibited after 3,000 hour salt-spray test conducted by TÜV laboratory in Singapore.
  • Edge trimmer process enables faster trimming of interlayer edges with improved quality.
Only Trosifol offers SentryGlas® (SGP) ionoplast interlayers with unique properties and 20 years of proven field performance
  • Exclusive supply agreement from DowDuPont for high performance Ionomer resin only for Trosifol
  • Unique properties of ionoplast interlayer increase glass strength and post breakage performance

  • Exceptional quality and durability- 20 years proven field performance
  • Technical expertise on structural design calculations and support

20 Years of SentryGlas®

  • PROJECT: Reforma 509, Mexico City (façade, 20,000 m2 SentryGlas®) – first tower made with SentryGlas® in Mexico City
  • 20-year anniversary and launch of SentryGlas® Xtra (SG6000) with improved processability
  • SentryGlas® Edge trimmer launched. Makes trimming SentryGlas® laminates easier with better quality
  • National Building Code of India recommended Ionoplast interlayer for glass railings without hand rails
  • SentryGlas® used exclusively in the first tornado resistant curtainwall
  • SentryGlas® Transluscent White launched
  • PROJECT: Parque Toreo, Mexico (23,000 m2 of SentryGlas®) – biggest overhead glazing in project in Mexico
  • PROJECT: Iowa Children Hospital – tornado protection (Cristacurva project) (30,000 m2 SentryGlas®)
  • PROJECT: Jumex Museum, Mexico (1,000 m2 of SentryGlas®) – Designed by Sir David Chipperfield & shortlisted for the 2016 RIBA International Prize
  • SentryGlas® approved by The London Underground Authority after passing BS 6853 & EN 13823
  • Non-hurricane sales of SentryGlas reach new high
  • PROJECT: Shanghai Towers (250,000m2 of SentryGlas®)
  • PROJECT: CapitaGreen Market Street, Singapore (25,000 m2 of SentryGlas®)
  • PROJECT: Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi (67,000 m2 of SentryGlas®)
  • First DIBT Approval, first CSTB approval
  • SentryGlas® on rolls is launched
  • Global Architectural specifications team set up
  • PROJECT: SentryGlas® specified for world’s tallest residential building – The World One, Mumbai, India
  • United States Department of State (DOS) certifies SentryGlas® interlayers for SD-STD-01.01 for forced entry (FE) and ballistic resistance (BR) for US Embassies
  • PROJECT: Cancun, Secrets the Vine (20,000 m2 of SentryGlas®) – First mega project in Mexico
  • PROJECT: Grand Canyon Walkway opens.
  • PROJECT: Paul Andreu’s Shanghai Oriental Art Center 2009
  • ‘Effective Laminate Thickness for SentryGlas’ white paper presented at GPD event
  • New SentryGlas® team formed, with design consultants on board
  • Launch of SentryGlas® SG5000, ionoplast resin with improved adhesion and optics compared to SG2000
  • SentryGlas manufacturing in Fayetteville, North Carolina, established
  • PROJECT: First major one-side supported glass railing installed at the Top of the Rockefeller Center observation deck in New York City
  • SentryGlas® Plus(SGP) ionoplast interlayer launched. First application, Hertz Rental Car Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Hurricane Andrew – the first use of an impact interlayer using PET under the name SentryGlas®
  • SentryGlas® team set up to test ionoplast interlayer in glazing applications